The Episcopal Church of the Good Shepherd is a parish, in the Diocese of the Rio Grande, which is part of The Episcopal Church, which is part of the Anglican Communion

The Rev. Paul Moore, Rector 

Read Father Paul Moore’s bio here.

The Rev Sarah Guck, Assistant Priest Tom Bates, Deacon 


Lisa Kirksey is the Parish Administrator.

Adele Giusto is our Director of Music.She and Jeanie Locicero share the organist ministry.

Jeanie Locicero is Director of Family ministries. 

The wardens and vestry are elected by the parish for the ministry of administration.

Our vestry for 2017:

Anita Larson (Sr. Warden) (Evangelism)
Paul Sherrell (Jr. Warden)
Jeanie Locicero (Clerk) (Christian Formation)
Linda Shay (Worship)
Frances Vasquez (Hospitality)
Kathy Strange (Memorials and Columbarium)
Kaylin Henderson (Health and Spirituality)
Homer Hamby (Special Projects)
Rosana Hart (Website)
Holly Peterson (Treasurer)